By Alan Bleakley

This website offers a primary resource for those interested in metaphors, similes, resemblances and aphorisms in medicine. It does not stray into the territory of healthcare as a whole but sticks with the medical world. You are invited to contribute to the website.

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About Alan Bleakley

alanProfessor Alan Bleakley is Emeritus Professor of Medical Education and Medical Humanities at Plymouth University Peninsula College of Medicine. He was previously Professor of Medical Education at Peninsula Medical School and was instrumental in developing the curriculum at that school, including establishing the medical humanities as core and integrated. The school gained an international reputation for its innovations in medical education, clinical education and the medical humanities. Alan first studied Zoology, and then Psychology, training as a psychotherapist and gaining his DPhil from Sussex University. He has developed many courses for the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth in psychology, psychotherapy and education. His research grew out of an interest in educating doctors in communication and then in inter-professional teamwork. He worked for many years researching teamwork in the operating theatre and is widely published in this field.

Alan is an established figure on the international medical education and medical humanities circuit. He was President of the Association for Medical Humanities from 2013-2016 and has been involved with that organisation for 15 years. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators. Alan has published many peer reviewed papers and book chapters in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, medical education, and the medical humanities, and 12 academic books. His most recent publication is THINKING WITH METAPHORS IN MEDICINE; THE STATE OF THE ART (Routledge, forthcoming 2017). He is also a widely published poet. His most recent collection is HOOK, LINE, & SINKER AND OTHER POEMS (Acts of Language, forthcoming 2016). Alan lives in the far reaches of West Cornwall overlooking Sennen and Gwenver beaches, just north of Land’s End, with Sue who is a visual artist, and surrounded by family. His passion is surfing – he has been surfing since 1964 having grown up in Newquay on the north coast of Cornwall, but he loves everything about the sea.