Medical Metaphors


This is the first, comprehensive, single authored text on metaphors in medicine, to be published by Routledge in July 2017. The text deals with metaphors in medicine and not the wider healthcare culture. It is a natural progression of my last book for Routledge MEDICAL HUMANITIES AND MEDICAL EDUCATION: HOW THE MEDICAL HUMANITIES CAN SHAPE BETTER DOCTORS (2015) that was the first single authored book internationally on the medical humanities in medical education.

The building of the website and the creation of the text have been sponsored by a grant from the British Council/ Leverhulme Trust.

An associated Symposium was held at Dartington Hall 24-26 June with 20 participants and the outcome of that symposium is incorporated into the text as Chapter 10. It is the result of an intensive,  collective brainstorming between doctors, writers, artists, social scientists and humanities scholars.

The symposium was supported financially by the Wellcome Trust and the British Council/ Leverhulme Trust. Without the support of the British Council/ Leverhulme Trust and the Wellcome Trust, this work would not have been possible.